About: Fence Contractors in Houston

FenceKeeper is the largest fence and deck staining company in Houston and its surrounding areas, respectively. FenceKeeper has been in business since 2006 with a team of highly skillful and well-experienced fence contractors in Houston. We specialize in creating the ultimate backyard nirvana to include services ranging from wood, chain link and wrought Iron fence installations to shaded woodscapes. We are a company built on high standards, and we maintain these standards with every job we take on and complete. It’s our #1 priority to make sure your fence looks its best. We train our Houston fence installers and applicators to provide the highest degree of customer service and quality control. Along with our 3-Year Warranty and special attention to detail, we have become a household name when it comes to fencing and staining in and around the greater Houston area.

We know large investment in involved when deciding to install a wooden fence in Houston. Moreover, we know that it takes less than 6 months for a new fence to become gray. And when this occurs, it’s as if all the life is sucked out of your fence. At this stage the fence has no protection against the elements and obviously is doing nothing for your home’s curb appeal and beauty.

Before considering rebuilding or even before constructing a wooden fence, let FenceKeeper provide a free estimate towards remarkable fence cleaning/staining services and or fence installation that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. As a team of professional fence contractors in Houston, we have years of experience in dealing with almost every type of fencing project.

The most popular ways of sealing and treating your wooden fence is to employ the use of popular products that can be found at local hardware stores and “Do-It-Yourself” shops. These products are good for just enough curb appeal to appease the cosmetics of the fence at best, but unfortunately they do not provide the adequate protection the wood needs to stay looking healthy and beautiful for years to come. We use an oil based stain called Wood Defender that not only leaves the fence looking better than new but it also has some key ingredients that sets it apart from all the others.

A few reasons why you might consider FenceKeeper for your staining needs.

Yes, the highest quality brands of wooden fence stains are generally only available to contractors and unfortunately not to the general public. This is where using FenceKeeper will not only save you time, money and heartache but, we can guarantee that you will get the best stain possible for your wooden structures.

And if you prefer to do it yourself (DIY) then give us a call anyway so we can provide you with the best stain to help make your project look its best.

Let us help you make your woodscapes look better than ever for years to come. FenceKeeper is your trusted team of professional Houston fence installers. Give us a call.