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Building a Wood Fence

Using wood as your primary building material for fencing gives you many choices for styles and functionality. When you consider building a wood fence in Houston, it is important to have in mind two key things before you even get started – the purpose of building a wood fence and its location in your property. These key things will help you consider the depth of the project, should you decide to tackle it yourself.

Knowing the fence’s purpose will contribute to determining what style of style of Houston fencing you wish to build. Fences can be used to offer an architectural element to your property, enhanced security or even be used to provide privacy screening. For instance, if you are looking to restrict access to your yard because you have a swimming pool, the design you choose will play an integral part in creating a secure area.

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Placement of the fence on your property is also a critical consideration. The most common consideration for placement of a fence is to define your property boundaries. It is extremely important to know where your property lines are. You don’t want the fence to encroach on someone else’s property. Fencing in Houston, Texas can also be used to add landscaping elements to create defined spaces within a greater area much like the walls in your home define those spaces. For instance, you may want to set the garden off from the rest of your yard and give the space some character. In this case a small white picket fence that encircles the garden area might be a nice design element for your yard.

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Most likely you now have a general idea of these two elements and you can begin to consider the major steps involved in planning your project. In the next several pages, we will guide you in building a wooden fence in Houston that meets your needs and wants.

If you have an existing fence which is in need of repair or finishing, you may want to look over our fence repair and fence staining advice and how-to’s. If you are considering purchasing pre-built fence panels, you may want to consider what it takes to build your own wooden fence panels.

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