Replacing a Wood or Metal Fence Post

When replacing a fence post the first thing to do is notify your local Utility Locator Service such as,,,

The reason you want to do this is to ensure you do not accidentally damage any underground utility, gas, phone, sewer, or other lines while digging or removing your post or installing new posts.  This protects you as much as it does your neighbors.  This is a FREE service offered to anyone doing any sort of excavation.  Protect yourself by calling for a locate request.  Many can be online or within minutes on the phone.  You will need to know your address, cross street, depth of digging, type of work you want to perform and your basic contact information.  Typically this service can be completed within 48 hours.

After calling for your locate request and waiting at least 48hrs you are ready to begin your fence repair.

-       What to look for when replacing your fence post




How deep you will need to go to remove the existing post and concrete