Professional Houston, TX Wood Fence Staining!


Protect Your Investment in Your Wood Fence!

If you have recently installed a wood fence or have made some repairs on your existing fence you should consider protecting it. Untreated wood left exposed to the elements places it in danger. Insects and moisture are the most common causes of wooden fencing damage and the costs for replacement can be expensive, at an average cost of around $18 per linear foot. Thus, you should highly consider Houston, TX wood fence staining.

Wood Stains vs. Sealers
A common belief among home owners is that you should seal the wood fibers to protect them from damage. In reality sealing your wooden fence with a fence sealer may actually cause damage, rather than protect it. Over time most wood sealers break down allowing the wood to become susceptible to wood rot. It is even possible for sealers to trap moisture in the wood causing mildew and decay. Most Houston fencing experts consider using a quality fence stain as the best way to protect your fence from damage.

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Preparing Your Fence for Staining

Before applying a stain, it is important to prepare the wood surface for acceptance of the product. Many home owners think that power washing the fence to remove the gray, damaged wood is a good way to prepare the wood surface. In reality, this damages the wood and causes the grain to rise. Pressure washers can inject water into the wood, making it difficult for the wood to look uniform when applying the stain.

Fact: Power washing involves spraying water at high pressures ranging from 1,000 to 3,500 psi on average.

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Protecting Vegetation
Most fences have vegetation growing on or near them. Before you begin the staining process, it is important to protect the plants in the flower beds that run along your fence. If you have vine type plants growing on your fence, you will need to determine the best way to protect them, if possible, or remove them.

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Properly Applying Fence Stains
There are many ways to apply a stain to your fence. The key to proper staining is to get the stain to penetrate the wood fiber as deeply as possible. You can apply stain with a brush, roller or using various spray type equipment.

If you want to ensure proper Houston, TX wooden fence staining, then it would be best to let professional handle the job. Call us for more details on our services.