Ornamental Iron Restoration

One of our specialties is the restoration of ornamental fences.
It doesn’t take long in the Texas climate for a nice shiny finish to become dull and begin to crack, peel, or rust.
No fence is the same and all need a slightly different approach and application to bring it back to new.
Our Fence Experts have the knowledge to assess your project to ensure you get the best results possible.

Fence Installation

When it comes to Fence we have the solution.
We install all types of fencing ranging from chain-link, wood, iron, composite, PVC, Pool fence, custom fence and more.
Our services include both residential and commercial fencing everything in between.
Our FenceKeeper team works hand in hand with homeowners to HOA Committee Boards to ensure our clients get the results and attention they deserve.

Gate Repairs

We have an in house team of Access Control specialist that can diagnose most any issue and have your community or entry/exit gates back up and running quickly.
We also can upgrade systems to accommodate the newest technology for whatever your application may require.

Cleaning & Sealing
Brick & Stone

Over the years we have learned our lesson with high pressure cleaning. Although sometimes effective it can damage mortar, grout, and the general integrity of the aggregate that needs to be cleaned.
Thus, we have adopted soft washing as a method to prevent harmful damage to the surfaces that we clean along with the experience of knowing what products to use in order to clean your project properly.
In the end you get a cleaner result than pressure washing and are able to preserve the integrity by protecting what we are cleaning.