The Most Important Qualities of a Good Fence Stain

A wooden fence is a great addition to any home. This is gorgeous and adds to the look of every yard, front or back. This does not only enhance the look of every home but also adds a great deal of security for you and your family. A wooden fence is the perfect solution to incorporate style and privacy to your outdoor area. There are some important maintenance concerns to be aware of regarding your wooden fence. At FenceKeeper, we are a business dedicated to installing, maintaining and repairing fences. We are one of the leading fence builders in Houston, TX and, as such, we will provide you with some quality tips to make sure that your fence is being properly maintained to always look its best.

The biggest maintenance task regarding wooden fences is proper staining. You will need to stain your fence regularly not only to keep it looking great but also to protect your fence from natural elements such as snow, sun and water damage. Wood is a beautiful and natural material that, when properly maintained, can provide a long-lasting aesthetic element to your yard.

Choosing a stain may not seem like a decision to pine over but it really does require some thought and research. There are a few major qualifications you will want your stain to meet. At FenceKeeper, we are attentive about these qualities and choose a stain based primarily on its ability to maintain and protect a fence before we consider the correct color match.

UV Protection
Whether you are choosing a stain for either a DIY or professional work, you will want to make sure that you are choosing the right stain. The first quality you want to look for in a stain is the degree of UV protection it can offer. Especially here in Houston where the sun is constantly blazing, you have to ensure that the stain you choose can protect your fence from the sun’s harmful rays. This is not typically something that you may consider as a first priority for your stain but the sun can cause significant damage to wood that can quickly wear away color and diminish the quality of your wooden fence.

Mold & Mildew Protection
Another extremely important quality in an outdoor wood stain is mold and mildew protection. Houston is a very humid city and the last thing you want for your fence is water damage. If your wood stain offers a comprehensive mold and mildew protection, you can rest assured that your fence will be protected from the weather. At FenceKeeper, we use a stain that has an additive intended to prevent mold and mildew from ever coming back after application. This way, even if your fence has been infected in the past, you can be sure that mold and mildew will not return.

If you are applying the stain yourself, be sure to check that you are getting the highest quality product available to you. If you are looking to get the best stain possible, you may want to consider contacting us for professional help as we have access to wooden stains that aren’t available to the general public. In any case, be sure that you do the research prior to purchasing a staining product so that you can be sure of getting the best quality. As one of the leading Houston fence installers and stain experts, we, at FenceKeeper are always happy to help! Give us a call anytime!

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